Welcome to Du  Jegdalek  Afghans



We started with afghans in the beginning of 1980. We bougth our first afghan from a man at my work who had a litter. We named her "GIPSY", she had no kennelname but she was very lovely for our son who was just born. Every time she has a  season she lost her coat. The first show we visited we fell in love with all the afghans with such nice long coats. So we decided to take a second one with a lot of coat.  It was a golden black mask male named " DUNCAN " .  Our third afghan was from kennel "El Jafistan " in Belgium, she was out of American bloodlines "Akaba's". We bred her to one English bloodline male "BABULAY’S CALIPH AHMED ETAMADI". We kept one bitch "FATIMA DU JEGDALEK". We prepared her for the showring too much because she didn't like to show at all.

At the same time we rescued "CHANAZ EL AHMED KHAN". She was a nice domino bitch. Piet Bareman from Netherlands was very excited about her. The first time he showed her she was eleven months. The judge Mr. Y. Lelong told us" this bitch must become a Champion". So we started to show her in  different   countries. Two years later she was International,Belgium and Polish Champion.

Her first litter was born in 1986, we mated her to International, Belgium 84, German, Hungarian, Polish  Ch." ELYAN AL ASIEL". One of the seven  dogs was a  nice domino "KHISHNA DU JEGDALEK" owned by Mrs. Marina Broucke. She became an International and Polish Champion. Unfortunately she never had puppies. The   domino bitch " KAMIRA" we kept  had a litter by International, French, Swiss, Italian Ch. "KEFALARI'S SCENARIO". Her daughter " QUANITA " became International, Danish, German, Luxemburg Champion & Europa Sieger 1997 and her brother "QHALIFAH" is   German  and Luxemburg Champion.

CHANAZ her second litter was by International, German, Netherland Ch." YUY EL KHARAMAN. This gave us four puppies, 2 cream, 1 blue and 1 golden black mask. The golden bitch ,"NAHIRA DU JEGDALEK" gives us the start of the second generation. We bred her with the International, Danish,  Spanish, Portugal Worldwinner Ch'92 "DUR-I-DURRANS UNIQUE". This became a super litter of five puppies,  four of which becoming Champions. The males " German Ch. PANTER DU JEGDALEK" owner; Werner Birk . International, German and Netherland Ch. PICO DU JEGDALEK; owner Ronny Koekoeckx. The bitches  International Ch."PHAEDRA DU JEGDALEK " owner Marina Broucke and our bitch International, Belgium, Luxemburg,Netherland,Polish and German Champion PAHLAVIA DU JEGDALEK.

Chanaz her last litter was under kennelname from P. Bareman, with International, Spanish, Portugal, Danish Worldwinner '92  Ch. DUR-I-DURRANS UNIQUE. There were seven puppies, we got one male "AGA-KHAN EL ARYANA SHALYM" ; he became German Danish and Polish Champion.

We imported together with P. Bareman Danish, German and  Polish Ch.   " THE PRIDE AND THE PASSION" , she is a bitch born in Norway, breeder Age   Gjetnes , by Artifical Insemination with the very famous American dog, American &  BIS Ch."PAHLAVI PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ". She had one litter with " WWwinner International, Netherland, Belgium, Danish  Ch. SERRA PARECIS FAIR PLAYER". We got one male "BOCACCIO EL ARYANA SHALYM"  wich we own in partnership with Stefaan and Mariella Vanderheyden, he became International, German,VDH , Netherland , Luxemburg , Belgium, Danish Ch. He was the first male for "PAHLAVIA". From this litter we export a black and tan bitch to England and a red black masque dog to Finland.

In 1995 we imported, from Finland, a young black and tan male “SAGOSLOTTETS  RADIOACTIVE” (breeder :Jaana Frondelius)   who became Lux., German, International Ch. He is a son of  Intern. Danish. Sw. Ch. “EL KHYRIAS YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE” and  “SAGOSLOTTETS  APROPA  DET”. He has super fantastic character. We used him on a daugther of  “Chanaz” and  “Yuy”. It produced a litter of 3 strong black afghans and one black tan. One of the  black bitches  we keep for ourself  "TINA  DU  JEGDALEK" she finnish German Ch in 1999.

Her sister  finished  International and Polish  Champion : " TROYKA  DU JEGDALEK  ", owner Gino and Krista Himbrecht .

“PAHLAVIA” her   second litter was born 30/3/1997, this is an exciting litter with extreme movement and is very promissing for the future. The sire is  International, German, Italiaan, Swedish, Norway, Danish Ch. "WIND   AGAINST  ACE  OF  BASE. Three puppies out of that litter started the show ring , unfortunally “VICALIM”  and his owner  had some family problem and they stop.

"VAUGHAN “  a golden black masque male finnished 1999 as best afghan male, at same time he became also Belgium Champion and at the Christmasshow in Netherland he ended   International Ch., the owner R. Koekoekx will show his dog this year to finnish some tittles in other countries .

We kept a bitch “VINDHYA” she is the big star from our kennel for this moment, she is already Estonian, Netherland,Belgium, Luxemburg and International Ch. ,finnished the year 1999 as BEST IN SHOW over more than 1800 dogs. Second in the PEDIGREE  PAL system all breeds and best Sighthound (KBWC) system.We will start 2000 with our young bitch out of “NINZAI  EL  RACHMAN” and “PAHLAVIA” .


I am also official FCI judge for GROUP 10 and COURSING